Since 1966

At Big Jim’s, our valuable employees, our commitment to our customers and community, and our dedication to quality food is what has made us a local landmark for over 50 years with “Hamburgers made with Love” for our customers and friends since 1966.


It all started in 1950 when Sam Yoder opened a drive-in named the “Dutch Treat” and lasted until 1956 when Tom Foley purchased the drive-in and renamed it the “Irish Treat”.  Tom Foley ran the drive-in until 1962. At that time it was closed due to the construction of our new interstate highway I-84.


In 1966 “Jim Dahlen” re-opened the drive-in with partner Ted Beckley using the now famous name “Big Jim’s Drive-In”.


Later in 1968 Ted Beckley bought out his partner Jim’s share of the business and ran the business very successfully until 1988 when he built the new building. The old Big Jim’s Drive-In was demolished completely; it sat in what now is the parking lot. After building the new restaurant, Ted and Lynda Beckley spent 8 more years there.


The Beckleys sold Big Jim’s in 1997 to Rex and Beth Tegen. The Tegens operated the business successfully for over 20 years.


The Tegens retired and sold Big Jim’s to current owners Derek DeBorde and Jason Taylor, both Hood River natives, in 2017. We still make hamburgers made with love, and cook fresh to every order, and our values remain as they were from the beginning ~ employees, customers, community and quality food. It is our pleasure to serve you!